What is White Rabbit Technology

White Rabbit Collaboration: A Leap in Time Synchronization


What is White Rabbit Technology?

White Rabbit Hardware

The hardware for White Rabbit includes specific components that work together to maintain precise time. These components are:

  1. Master Clocks and Slave Clocks: In the White Rabbit system, there is a master clock that sends the correct time to slave clocks. The slave clocks adjust their time to match the master clock.
  2. Switches and Nodes: These are devices that help in transmitting the time signals from the master clock to all the slave clocks in the network.
  3. Cables: Special cables are used to connect the devices. These cables ensure that the time signals are transmitted without any delay or loss of accuracy.

White Rabbit at CERN

Project White Rabbit

Applications Beyond CERN

While CERN remains the birthplace and primary user of White Rabbit technology, its applications extend far beyond particle physics. Here are a few examples of how White Rabbit is used in other industries:

  1. Finance: In financial trading, transactions need to be timestamped accurately to ensure fairness and transparency. White Rabbit technology provides the necessary precision for these time stamps.
  2. Telecommunications: Mobile phone networks and internet providers use White Rabbit to synchronize their systems, ensuring that data is transmitted efficiently and without delay.
  3. Power Grids: Electricity providers use White Rabbit to synchronize their operations, helping to manage the flow of electricity and prevent outages.


By the White Rabbit Collaboration, the question of how we could synchronize time across numerous units has changed fundamentally. Pan across it from CERN to its application in finance business, telecommunications network and power grids White Rabbit technology gives robustness to the interconnected system so it can operate independently with unmatched accuracy. While the chronometric breakthrough is essentially contributing improving the quality of most current life in all modern times.