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Brandon Smiley: A Comedian’s Brief Light


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Brenda Smiley; who is mother to comedian Brandon Smiley, became a mother at an early age of 16 with husband Ricky Smiley, popular comedy actor from “The Rickey Smiley Show” series. Sadly, the star’s son, Brandon Smiley, was born on February and passed way on January 2 at the age of 22 due to health complications. Please pray for the Smiley family during this difficult time.

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Not only has Richey Smileys’ radio career been at the top, but he has also got to the television and film screen as well, making a mark on Radio One – Rickey Smiley. Although he became popular through his prank-call characters, he impressed more in “The Rickey Smiley Show. ” It was about four seasons including some for which he portraited various characters like in his radio bit, where he mostly had to use different voices to continue with the prank calls. He has gotten a show of this kind, as well as received different stand-up comedy specials and made guest appearances on other TV shows.

Rickey is also known for his volunteer work in the community and for charity, In fact, he has used his position to be an advocate for social justice and to support the youth who are less fortunate. Not only are all the sides of his extraordinary career, but it has allowed him to attract the attention of the millions very audience in the entertainment sphere.


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Within his Instagram narration, Rickey Smiley broke the heartbreaking news and called for prayers for Brenda and the whole family who are going through one tough time at this time, and he did so by simply echoing the cliche, ‘The minute we split, we began to work together in what we can call co-parenting and what others regard as splitting. ‘Although she had some problems,  she was the mainstay of the family,  coming up with a new idea of coping with the attention and the misery with vigor and determination. Now, due to a certain part of the people who have the reputation of not knowing what she is up to, isn’t whether she is a single or married woman, Brenda still influences many people in the society just by showing her commitment to the family. Storm the father lost a big chunk of his character and the whole community and every fan owes him at one time and more so, he is remarkably remembered by all of them for his deeds especially through the reduction of the suffering of people.

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Q.Did Brandon Smiley have children?

A.Yes, Brandon Smiley had a daughter named Storm

Q.Where was Brandon Smiley funeral held?

A.His funeral was held in Birmingham, Alabama

Q.Who sang at Rickey Smiley’s son’s funeral?

A.At his funeral, gospel artist Le’Andria Johnson performed

Q.Who is Brandon Smiley real father?

A.Brandon Smiley’s real father is Rickey Smiley.

Q.How much is Rickey Smiley’s net worth?

A.Rickey Smiley’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million

Q.Are brandon and brenda twins?

A.No, Brandon and Brenda are not twins