Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali: A Powerful Punjabi Drama

 A Powerful Punjabi Drama

Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali (2024) is a Punjabi language action drama film set for release on March 15, 2024. The director of Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali is Devi Sharma  and produced by Gurdip Panaich . This movie is a combination of action as Jasmeet and the villagers defend their land  and emotions ,film explores themes of family, community, and the unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.


Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali short story


Jassi (Gugni Gill) is a brave girl who lives in a village called Murrabean. Everyone calls her “Jatti 15” because she’s super strong and never scared. A bad guy named Hardeep (Lakhwinder) comes to the village and wants to take their land. Jassi won’t let him! She teams up with her friend Veer (Arya Babbar) to fight back. Jassi is very clever and rallies the villagers, especially the girls, to help. They face many problems, but Jassi is brave and won’t give up. what happens in the end you have to watch the movies you can watch the trailer below

Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali Cast

Actor Character Name
Gugni Gill Panaich Jasmeet Kaur (“Jatti 15”)
Arya Babbar Veer
Lakhwinder Lakha Hardeep Singh

Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali Trailer

Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali Cast fees

Actor salaries are typically negotiated privately between the actor and the production company.The production company is Panaich Productions and estimated fees is

Actor Role Estimated Salary (Crore Rupees)
Gugni Gill Panaich Lead (Jasmeet Kaur) 3-5
Arya Babbar Lead (Veer) 2-4
Lakhwinder Lakha Supporting (Hardeep Singh) 1-2
Seema Kaushal Supporting 0.5-1
Gurpreet Bhangu Supporting 0.5-1
Satwant Kaur Supporting 0.25-0.75
Malkeet Rauni Supporting 0.25-0.75
Gurchet Chitrakar Supporting 0.25-0.75
Harjeet Walia Supporting 0.25-0.75
Sushma Prashant Supporting 0.25-0.75

Premiere and Success

“Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali” hit theaters in India on March 15, 2024. Though the budget isn’t public, the movie gained attention for its social commentary. Early reports suggest positive feedback, hinting at a successful run.

What Critics Say

Critics have mixed opinions about the film:

  • The Tribune praises its social themes and Aarya Babbar’s performance.
  • Punjabi Cinema Today finds the plot predictable but lauds the acting.
  • Box Office India sees potential for success due to the film’s message.

Common Questions Answered

Is it Based on a True Story?

While the movie reflects real-life struggles, it’s not based on one specific story. It draws inspiration from the experiences of many women fighting societal norms.

Is it Suitable for Everyone?

“Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali” deals with mature themes like gender inequality. It may not be suitable for young audiences without parental guidance.

Where to Watch?

movie will be in  theaters across India. Streaming options may become available later.


“Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali” isn’t just a movie; it sparks conversations about social change. It urges us to confront inequality and celebrate those who strive for a better world. This powerful message lingers long after the credits roll.