French goats helping with student stress


 Homework leaves you drowning in deadlines, texts’ piles increase until they exceed your level of motivation, and the pressure to succeed is as heavy as a badge on the chest of a trooper. All of a sudden, a ball of fur and soft fleece mysteriously appears, accompanied by a sweet ‘bleat!’ As if this touch of gentleness and relaxation was sent by the presence of this little animal. Surprisingly, it’s not the image from a book of fairy tales. This is the way of thinking that a French high school has chosen to, quite possibly, eliminate stress form the lives of its students.

Intrigued?Me too! By writing this blog, I always look for the creative and amazing methods of life enhancing. This story made me curious when the news of French goats being called as a student stress busters was shared with me. Here, we aim to take a deeper look into this curious subject and understand the science behind how animals act as stress relievers ever so well.

Goats: More Than Just Chewers of Tin Cans

Now, without the need to jump into the goat-child association, we can take the time to do a good and getting-to-know goats lesson. Goats were among the first animals to be domesticated along with dogs. They were kept both for their milk, meat, and fiber had as well as for their ability to carry packs. Yet, do you know, these embodiments of stress could also possess a secret ability to conquer anxiety? Seekers of the Analytic.

The Rise of the Unlikely Therapists

The small town high school, situated in the lovely rural French landscape , took up an idea of setting up a petting zoo in its garden full of pygmy goats. They are not only witty yet cute baby super friends, but also speaking up about important matters instead. Scientific researches show that contacting with animals can cause human stress decreasing by lowering stress hormones like cortisol and upgrading production levels of the feel-good chemicals like oxytocin .

French goats helping with student stress

Notably France is not the only one. Animal-assisted therapy, also known as the act of integrating animals into health care settings, is becoming a very popular aide to therapy. Studies reveal that talking with animals gives one a feeling of calm, warmth, being unconditional and non-judgmental. These are all important factors in coping with stress and anxiety being one of the factors triggering mental health problems.

Do Goats really aid in stress?

The evidence is towards the hope that they probably do. A research results reveal interacting with animals lowers the stress hormones and produces the feelings of well-being .

De-Stressing Techniques

Technique Description Potential Benefits
Mindfulness Meditation Focus on the present moment by paying attention to your breath and bodily sensations. Reduces stress and improves focus
Exercise Get your heart rate up with a brisk walk, yoga session, or any activity you enjoy. Releases endorphins, improves mood, and reduces stress hormones
Deep Breathing Exercises Focus on slow, controlled breaths to calm your nervous system. Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation
Connect with Nature Spend time outdoors in a park, forest, or even your backyard. Reduces stress, improves mood, and boosts creativity


Are There Sheep Therapy Goats?

Although this practice of emotional support goats has not gained ground yet, the concept has been getting more media coverage. Maybe it could be helpful for some in therapeutic field as their presence is soothing.

What if I am in Stress now?

Although you cannot typically cuddle goats right away, there are many other things you can do instead to be manage your stress like being outside in nature, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and by connecting with your friends and family.


That medical students of a French university think that the best way to relax would be through goat therapy may be adorable but is, at the same time, surprising. Although this method of teaching represents one of the key tendencies in outlining the significance of mental health in education.

While goats might not be the solution for everyone, the underlying message is clear: students of all ages should be able to check out healthy calming methods which should be. So next time, if you start to feel like this, please pick up some of the de-stressing techniques that have been listed. Maybe your brain will be more rested and focused after a walk in the park, or deep breathing will be the key to a successful academic performance of yours.