KODAIKANAL SOLAR OBSERVATORY recording images of the Sun every day for more than a hundred years

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: Recording Images of the Sun Every Day for More Than a Hundred Years


Sulur to Kodaikanal Distance

From Sulur to Kodaikanal is about 170 km long drive and passes the heart throbbing picturesque scenary of the Tamil Nadu.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Museum

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Wikipedia

For a comprehensive overview of the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, including its history, key milestones, and notable research, the Wikipedia page provides detailed information.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Summer School

The observatory also hosts a summer school, offering aspiring astronomers and students a chance to learn from experts and engage in hands-on research activities.

Kottayam to Kodaikanal Distance

Travelers from Kottayam, Kerala, can reach Kodaikanal after covering a distance of about 230 kilometers, which takes them through picturesque routes and diverse landscapes.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory (KOSO)

KOSO, an acronym for Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, is renowned for its continuous solar observations and significant contributions to our understanding of the Sun.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Information

Established in 1899, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory has been at the forefront of solar research, providing valuable data on solar phenomena. It has a rich history of discoveries, including the Evershed effect.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Timing

The observatory is open to visitors from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It is advisable to check in advance for any changes in timings or special schedules.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Established

The observatory was established in 1899, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in solar research and continuous data collection.

Kodaikanal Road to Kodaikanal Distance

The distance from Kodaikanal Road railway station to Kodaikanal town is approximately 80 kilometers, offering a scenic drive through the Western Ghats.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Main Gate

The main gate of the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory welcomes visitors with a glimpse into the history and ongoing research activities of this prestigious institution.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Museum

The museum at the observatory showcases an extensive collection of historical instruments, photographs, and documents that highlight the evolution of solar research over the past century.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory 125 Years

As the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory celebrates 125 years, it stands as a testament to the dedication and scientific prowess of generations of astronomers and researchers.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Internship 2024

The observatory offers internship programs for students and young researchers, providing a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge solar research projects.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Reviews

Visitors and researchers alike have praised the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory for its significant contributions to solar physics and its well-maintained facilities.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Summer School 2024

The summer school program for 2024 is set to offer a series of lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities, fostering the next generation of astronomers.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Images

The observatory boasts a digital repository containing 1.48 lakh digitized solar images, providing a valuable resource for researchers worldwide.


Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Internship

The internship program at the observatory offers a chance to engage in groundbreaking research and contribute to ongoing solar studies.

Kodaikanal to Mysore Distance

The distance from Kodaikanal to Mysore is approximately 350 kilometers, offering a journey through diverse terrains and scenic landscapes.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Ticket Price

The ticket price for visiting the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is affordable, encouraging more visitors to explore this scientific marvel.

  • Visiting Hours:
    • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
    • Sundays: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • Entrance Ticket: The entry fee is Rs. 50 per person

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory in Which State

The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, nestled in the beautiful Palani hills.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory (KOSO) UPSC

The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is one of them which should be a part of reading list of every UPSC aspirant because of its rich history and contributions in the solar research.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Location

Siting in the Palani range of hills in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory give you an opportunity to get indulge in Scientific study that interacting with and appreciating nature.